Google Marketing Live 2021- Key Takeaways

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Google Marketing Live 2021- Key Takeaways

Google Marketing Livestream 2021 Key Takeaways

Google Marketing Live is a yearly event organised by the search giant ‘Google’ to connect with the search marketers across the world and to keep everyone acquainted about the on-going developments which Google is undertaking in terms of Google Ads, Search and other measurement product properties. One also gets to hear from industry leaders who have transformed their businesses to adapt to the new realities.

Here’re Key takeaways from #GML2021:

Google Ads:

  • Performance Max Campaigns: Introducing a whole new campaign type for Google Ads advertisers across the world which is aimed to be offering a single point source of launching campaigns across all Google properties which include, search, display, YouTube, G-Mail, Google Maps, etc. As per Jerry Dischler, the SVP of Google Ads, this would be a major leap for everyone as it would be backed by Google’s AI. This automated campaign type would run across all Google ad inventory is now in open beta and available to advertisers globally.
  • Customer Match Now Open for SMB’s: Google has removed the cap of $50,000 spend requirements, to be able to avail of the benefits of customer match campaigns. This may make Customer Match more useful for more SMBs, and the feature itself can help advertisers remarket to customers, especially as we move away from third-party cookies.
  • tROAS Bidding: Target ROAS is now opening up for wider business segments across the web. tROAS bidding is rolling out for both Video Action campaigns (generally available globally) and Discovery Ads (available globally as an open beta).
  • Insights Page Revamp: Insight is something that helps every advertiser to make informed decisions across the Google ads inventory. Google is now adding demand forecasts to the Insight segment in Google Ads. These forecasts predict search behavior changes over the next 90 days and can help advertisers prepare their inventory, campaigns and identify upcoming opportunities.
Google Ads Insight Page
  • Product Feed Support for Video Ads Inventory: Support for product feeds is now generally available for Video Action campaigns. Support for them in Discovery Ads is also available as an open beta.
  • Image Extension for Search Ads: Advertisers can now show images in their Google Ads search results with image extensions. One can upload up to 20 images that can be displayed along with your search ads.
  • New Attribution Reporting: To include all touchpoints to be attributed for different types of campaigns, thus helping advertisers to understand the various channels in a much better manner.
  • Ad Customizers for Responsive Search Ads: Ad customizers would now also be available for responsive search ads, thus giving advertisers more options to customize their ad copies.
  • Offline Conversion Import (OCI) Helper: A new way to import offline conversion into Google ads.

Google Analytics

Google also announced changes for GA4

  • Customization of reporting experiences inside GA4 interface. Report customization would include an option to include added metrics and dimensions in the reports.
  • New Advertising Workspace in GA4: New addition of reports and attribution option for advertising inventories.
  • Privacy: GA4 being positioned as ‘Privacy First’ measurement property from google. It would include
    • Enhanced Conversions: It would use conversion modeling to fill in gaps when first-party data isn’t available for conversion reports. This would help you to let measure conversions if someone doesn’t let cookies in their browser.
    • Behavior Report: Conversion modeling would be extended to behavior reports.

Google Tag Manager

  • Consent Mode in Google Tag Manager: New consent initialization trigger for tags which helps you to allow users consent for any tag to fire on one’s website. It gives a new setting while creation of tags to manage consent. It would be shown up on the consent management platform. Consent setting would be available for existing tags under advanced setting which can be used to customize various tag firing based on user preference. There would a whole new ‘Consent Overview’ page. To enable this, one needs to navigate to admin>> container settings>>Additional Settings>>Enable Consent Overview Option here.

Apart from the above update, GML 2021 also focused on the availability of new attribute tags to help customers connect with like-minded businesses. Here’s the update:

  • According to a study by 5WPR, 71% of consumers want to buy from companies that align with their values. As such, Google created a Black-owned business attribute earlier this year. Google plans to launch additional identity attributes, including a women-led attribute, soon.
Google Attribute updates for Products

Shopping Experience Enhancement Updates: To enhance shopping experience, Google released some new updates at GML 2020 which include:

  • Use of AR for enhancing shopping experiences: For apparel and cosmetics.
  • Google Merchant Loyalty Program Integration: to allow customers access to special loyalty pricing and benefits, such as free shipping. If a consumer has an existing loyalty program with a store, they’ll be able to instantly link it. If they don’t have a loyalty program yet, they can easily create an account with a click of a button.
  • Surfacing Deal Results for Prospects: Google plans to launch a “deals results page” to make it easier to discover promotions within the search and shopping tab. Google will also be creating deal optimization reporting in Merchant Center.
  • Advertising Shopping Options: Google updated local inventory ads to be able to show products that are available for store pickup, curbside pickup, and now: “later pickup”.
Adverising Shopping Option Updates
  • “Shop Pay” Buying Options: Soon, end-users will also see “Shop Pay” as a buying option for listings that have “Buy on Google” enabled. This is currently being tested on search and shopping. Tabs with the goal of rolling out to YouTube and images later this year.
  • New E-Commerce Integrations: Integration with ‘Shopify’, ‘WooCommerce’ to now facilitate easier ways to get discovered on Google search and shopping results.
  • Google Merchant Center Links to Discovery and YouTube Video Action campaigns: Google’s helping advertisers to connect their product feeds to more advertising placements. Google noted that advertisers that connected product feeds to video action campaigns drove 60% more conversions than those that didn’t.

Travel Industry Updates:

  • Hotel Booking Extensions: Hotel booking extensions are now in open beta for advertisers globally and allow prospects to begin the booking process from the extension.
  • Vacation Rentals: Vacation rentals will now also begin to be included alongside hotels on the hotel results page.
  • Enhancements to Commission (Per Stay) Bidding: Google is making it easier for advertisers to find more qualified customers at a lower cost with enhanced commissions (per stay) bidding.
Enhancements to Commission (Per Stay) Bidding

With a galore of updates surfaced up in this livestream, Google is ensuring that they cater to advertiser concerns and also the concerns of end users when it comes to privacy and user values. Share your thoughts on these updates if any in the comments section below.


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